Researchers State Sun Based

This is the word we use for anything identifying with the sun

Sun-powered (descriptive word, “SOL-er”)

This is a word that portrays anything about or originating from the sun — Earth’s very own star. The close planetary system is the gathering of planets, including Earth, that circle the sun. The vitality that originates from the sun and energizes all life on Earth — and gives a portion of our power, as well — is sunlight based vitality. The 365 days it takes for the Earth to circumvent the sun is a sun based year. Also, when the moon gets between the sun and the Earth, obstructing the daylight and projecting a tremendous shadow, we consider it a sunlight based obscuration.

For what reason do we say “sunlight based” for sun-stuff as opposed to something like, er, “sun-er”? Since the word sun oriented originates from the Latin word for the sun: sol.


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